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Do you feel the power of the crawler, the crawler mesh

Do you feel the power of the crawler, the crawler mesh

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Do you feel the power of the crawler, the crawler mesh

Do you feel the strength of the climb? Now, thanks to the further improvement of technology, the crawler mesh can not only be processed on metal plates, but also be processed on paper, which is a good material for paper filter products. At present, PC case market, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the case, not only hope that the functions of the case more complete, more affordable prices. At the same time, I also hope that the case design is more humanized, and the personality is more outstanding. As a well-known manufacturer of external equipment in China, jinge technology has been in the forefront of the case manufacturing field, and its excellent workmanship.

The frame of the crawler network is not convenient to be packed when welded together with the punching and galvanized board, and it is easy to be misplaced. Moreover, it occupies a large area on the transport vehicle, leading to high transport cost. In this case, it would be better to separate and package the skeleton of the climbing frame and the perforated galvanized board, so that it would not damage the plastic layer due to the dislocation, nor would it cause high transportation costs due to the large overall area. In this way, after arriving at the site site, only technicians need to unpack, and then take rivets directly to rivet. Both beautiful and convenient. And cut costs.

The construction climbing frame mesh is a new type of safety screen commonly used at construction sites. On its surface to make a metal plate punching the protective screen, mainly to prevent the safety of the construction personnel during the work, commonly known as the climbing frame. In short, it is possible to climb, unlike traditional scaffolding, disassembled and installed. It is applied to the construction protection of high-rise and super high-rise buildings and tall buildings with the same appearance. Apply to cast-in-place shear wall, frame, arc balcony, cantilever board and other complex appearance construction. Mainly used in high - rise shear wall type building. The chain can be used to drive the hoist up or down. According to the power source can be divided: hydraulic type, electric type, human hand pull type. The new scaffold system developed in recent years is mainly used in high building with shear walls. It can climb up or down buildings.

Why climb the independence of the mesh so strong here, he can rely on their own equipment lifting freely, do not take up any vertical transportation equipment, to some extent, if want to catch time, use this kind of equipment is very appropriate, he can in the shortest possible time to avoid repetitive construction, but also the whole equipment can be half the ascension of automaticity in place, protection in place is also the advantage of this product.

Climbing scaffold mesh relatively than any other similar equipment is more safe and reliable, low assembly dismissed, and can prevent tilt down, relatively more complete, the equipment in the process of operation is more simple, and this kind of equipment in the process of standardization of management level is relatively high, the whole equipment can be the most effective management, to continuously, according to the inherent law and at the same time is also very convenient to check.

The screen mesh of choose and buy vibrating screen cannot graph cheap, because cheap screen mesh is not durable is on one hand, the mesh hole of cheap sieve is not accurate, mesh hole is not accurate can cause the product strength to differ, the purpose that USES vibrating screen is to separate grain by size, you with cheap sieve net cannot achieve this purpose. So when we choose the climbing frame manufacturer, we must select the above requirements for selection.

Compared to some traditional equipment, the crawler itself can save data to the greatest extent. And just set up the height of four or five floors can see come out, using the content of traditional scaffolding to gradually cut, that is to say, this kind of equipment in the process of using a temporary, can maximize saving material, and he himself in the process of establishing a temporary does not need any firm information, can be done all the rise and fall of automation, equivalent to hands free, more can save more and more people pay RMB.

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