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The fire resistance of the climbing frame is to raise the safety barrier for the construction site

The fire resistance of the climbing frame is to raise the safety barrier for the construction site

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The fireproof construction site of the crawler grid supports the safety barrier

The main structure of the crawler is the net and the rack, which can hold the net up like a wall and place it against the construction site. The main material of the crawler net is galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, color plate, electrostatic spraying and endless chain electric gourd. The material can be selected according to its needs. Although the basic function of the scaffold is the same, it is much better than the scaffold.

Scaffolding in use process need to loading and unloading, is in trouble, and takes a lot of space, alone to remove both spend a lot of manpower material resources, as well as climb the net also convenient to use and so many workers willing to choose to climb the net to assist their work, and it is important that limits the height of the scaffold is not homework.

Generally, the height of buildings in the modern community will be more than 20 meters. If the scaffold is selected for the work, the difficulty can be imagined, but the climbing net is unnecessary to worry about. Now, with this device, it's basically done for people to use it more reliably.

Now more and more people choose in some materials like climb frame net is commonly used as the site of the material, but for the material in the process of choosing a lot of people know he is one of the main factors of his fire retardancy, but there are some material with fire retardancy, there are some material without fire retardancy, climb the net with fire retardancy natural his price is more expensive, a lot of people don't know whether the material should be with fire.

Actually climb with fire retardancy mesh can always bring more and more people in the use process of some different experience, because the entire climb the net in some places they use is different, so they set the natural environment is also different, in order to facilitate better use of people, in some special environment protective of climbing net always can provide convenient to more people.

Actually relatively climb the net have the fire retardancy, can reduce the he appeared some safe hidden trouble, and in some more complex work environment, people clearly for some climb frame network analyses some related purposes, they for the entire climb frame nets in the process of using the same to analyze the effect of he, so a lot of people think fire prevention performance is very important, because they are at the site of the environment are so this kind of new complex is very important, basically use the site of the material, without any a site environment is not complicated, so the performance is gradually highlighted.

From the perspective of the fire-resistance of the products produced by the whole climbing frame manufacturer, many people think that this is a very important performance, and the effect they bring out is absolute.

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