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How is the construction period shortened?

How is the construction period shortened?

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How is the construction period shortened?

Other names of climbing frame mesh: building climbing frame mesh, building climbing frame protective round hole mesh, scaffolding spray protective screen, building peripheral net, new type climbing frame peripheral safety net, construction safety protective screen. Material: galvanized sheet, aluminum plate, color plate, low carbon steel plate.

The scaffold mesh is a new kind of scaffold technology developed rapidly at the beginning of this century. It turns the high work into the low work, turns the suspended work into the internal work of the frame body, has the remarkable low carbon, the high-tech content and is more economical, safer, more convenient and other characteristics.

Many construction climbing network manufacturers are constantly improving prices, after-sales services, and so on, so customers are getting more and more discount. Different types of products have different USES. Therefore, the name of building climbing network is suitable for use in architecture. This is a product that can greatly increase the benefits in construction, with good convenience. Also, it is very helpful for the construction work, so your product can bring good convenience to the construction industry.

The construction climbing frame manufacturer is a good auxiliary product that can be applied in the building and has a good use value. In the process of use, due to the particularity of the work of the construction industry, it is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product. On the one hand, unnecessary trouble occurs in the process of construction.

How to effectively shorten the construction period in work? In terms of safety, the traditional scaffolds have been greatly improved, and can be closed in construction, which can effectively hurt people and objects falling. It can effectively prevent the fire caused by welding sparks from shortening the construction period, avoiding repeated construction, half small automatic lifting in place with strong independence, relying on its own equipment lifting, not occupying vertical transport equipment.

When the integral chain electric hoist is in place, the bearing bar and bearing bracket will be fixed with the embedded parts of the building or the pull bar through the wall. Meanwhile, the outer frame and the support inside the building will be pulled firmly with the steel pipe fastener, and the guide piece will be moved up one layer and fixed accordingly.

With structure by elevated body, erection of scaffolding, laying an intermediary or temporary scaffolding and temporary frame body structure do receive, hanging outside dense mesh net after loading the third bar, install ascension bridge and a layer attached orientation by high main frame poling, the frame body build-up to design highly, laid the top scaffold board and block laying bottom baseboard safety net and scaffolding, make the flap upper frame body and structure effectively pull (joint spacing is not more than 6 m) hanging outside dense mesh nets to support insert for derrick base for device.

Climb the perpendicularity of the stud should be controlled within the l / 400, every level of rail surface height difference is less than 50 mm, outside the frame extending direction deviation is not more than 20 m. straight wall hole, according to the overall plane design, elevation position accurate reserving. The horizontal distance error of the hole should be controlled within 4 she. Stud installation distance within the range error of metope is not more than 20 mm, machined components, through-wall bolts, i-steel, Angle steel, steel plate adopt ordinary hot-rolled steel. Processing is the key to welding quality. The welds are full welding, weld thickness above 6 m, check after welding with welding seam square, Repair welding is not in accordance with the requirements. In the installation process of the outer frame, temporary facilities are adopted as the mounting height increases to firmly connect the outer frame with the building, and the stable guiding device is installed between the outer frame and the building.

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