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Why the traditional crawler is not as good as the new one?

Why the traditional crawler is not as good as the new one?

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Why the traditional crawler is not as good as the new one?

In the early days, of construction materials used by the construction industry for the traditional wooden scaffolding, although a great deal of pressure eased the site construction, but the risk is gradually rise, especially in recent years, the south bamboo scaffold board quality good and bad are intermingled, make a lot of frequent application of the bamboo scaffolding construction site accident, at that time many building contractor off guard, even after cengcengbaguan, there are some green leaves the market still unavoidably. In this kind of situation, the early climb products was born, it was not only solve the construction problems faced by the building developers, similarly, also for construction personnel have the effect of the escort, as of now, all the nearly thousand in large-scale construction projects, there are more than half are climbing scaffold products as construction materials, which can be seen, the influence degree of the product for the domestic construction industry have how old!

The new climbing frame

As time goes by, it has been four or five years since crawler products entered the construction industry. Through continuous research and innovation of people in the industry, crawler products have been changed in quality. Not only have the performance and appearance of products been improved and upgraded, but the method used is also quite fast and convenient. But it also leads to the conflict between the traditional climbing frame and the new one. Nowadays, many manufacturers in the industry are still renting traditional products, which not only disturbs the market order, but also brings inconvenience to many construction developers. Although the traditional climbing frame is cheaper than the new one in terms of rental cost and purchase cost, some accidents are easy to occur in the process of use, resulting in the occurrence of engineering accidents. Some building developers might ask, "why did we have nothing to do with the traditional climbing frame before, but what happened after the new one came out?" In this regard, the author gives the following replies, looking forward to building developers to adopt:

1. Too long service life:

Up to now, the traditional crawler has been discontinued in the industry for nearly two years. If you ask the construction developer, are you sure that the quality of the traditional crawler you rent or buy will remain intact? Regardless of the material of the whole structure stability, is a perennial construction, through the natural environment of sun wind rain, its anticorrosion performance will also be discounted, even by today's most advanced anti-corrosion technology for processing, it still has certain security hidden danger, so the traditional climbing frame is no longer suitable for high-rise building construction material first, in order to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, please treat the matter building developers take into consideration the.

2. Performance:

Whether mobility or later use, traditional climbing frame are significantly less in the new frame, nowadays, new climb their devices have prevent tilt, seismic, and built-in circuit system, not only greatly improved the safety of the project, also makes the climbing frame had the requirement of automation, make the progress. On the other hand, compared with the traditional wooden scaffold, the performance of the traditional crawler is much lower than that of the traditional wooden scaffold.

Abundant lida company is the collection climbing frame, mesh, chain electric hoist construction hoisting machinery such as design, research and development, production, sales, leasing, service is a body comprehensive enterprise, in line with the good faith management idea, keep up with the trend of the construction development, always adhere to the "responsible for the project, let customer satisfaction" business principles, adhering to the "quality first, keep improving" the quality of the guidelines, adhere to the "technological innovation, science and technology enterprise" the innovation idea, to lead the industry development as the guide, to serve the society as its own duty, is willing to cooperate with customers both at home and abroad, to provide professional products and excellent service.

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