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Construction safety climbing frame manufacturer construction and installation

Construction safety climbing frame manufacturer construction and installation

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Construction safety climbing frame manufacturer construction and installation

The emergence of the construction safety climbing frame make traditional scaffold technology all change: first, from a security perspective, climb after assembly has been used in construction, use the lifting operation instead of the ordinary scaffolding set-up job opening, scaffolding operations by opening into the working environment in a fully enclosed environment, safety risk is greatly reduced; Secondly, the work efficiency is significantly improved. After the assembly of the climbing frame, the cooperation of other work types and tower crane equipment is no longer needed, so the working time is greatly reduced, which is conducive to shortening the construction period. Since it is not limited by the height of the building, it only needs to build four floors, which greatly reduces the material consumption. Compared with the traditional scaffolding, the economic benefit is obvious. Climbing frame comply with the concept of green construction, clean and beautiful, civilized and environmentally friendly.

Firstly, it is important to know that the safety climbing network of such buildings is usually installed on the horizontal concrete ground, and the anchor bolts need to be used for the relevant fixation procedures. Therefore, it is often necessary to check whether the anchor bolts are in a tight state, and if the anchor bolts are found to be loose, they must be tightened.

Second, before the installation of the crawler network, all parts, tools and equipment must be checked to ensure that all items are complete and performance is intact before the installation begins. Pay attention to every step in the installation program, and remember not to make mistakes.

Third, if it is found that the crawler network does not meet the requirements of safe use and installation during installation and use, the relevant leaders should be informed and all operations should be stopped in time.

Fourthly, no matter it is installed or used later, every staff member should stick to his/her post and obey the work task assigned by the superior, and should not be careless and leave the post at will in the process of operation and installation.

It is best to use some blanket to cover the construction safety net during the maintenance process, and some other accessory materials are also needed. Scaffolds, electric gourds, steel supports, etc., are all things that can be sealed in a room so that they can be used in daily life.

Guangzhou feng lida security technology co., LTD., formerly known as nanyang a sharp machinery co., LTD., founded in 2002, is located in the west route of south-to-north water transfer irrigation system nanyang wenzhou industrial park, is a collection of climbing frame, mesh, chain electric hoist construction hoisting machinery such as design, research and development, production, sales, leasing, service is a body comprehensive enterprise. Warmly welcome friends from all over the world to visit our factory!

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