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The utility model relates to a new safety protective net structure all-steel climbing frame and a high-rise building all-steel climbing frame

The utility model relates to a new safety protective net structure all-steel climbing frame and a high-rise building all-steel climbing frame

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The utility model relates to a new safety protective net structure all-steel climbing frame and a high-rise building all-steel climbing frame

The working platform of the endless chain electric calabash is made of all-steel design and assembled with fixed steel components. The peripheral safety net is also made of galvanized sheet. The assembly is simple, flexible, easy to transport, energy-saving and environment-friendly, highly intelligent, and the labor intensity of operators is low. Compared with the manufacturers of the same industry, there are strong, high strength, long service life advantages;

1. Thanks to the all-steel design, the safety protection performance and fire resistance performance are better than the original plastic safety net.

2. Each machine is equipped with 4 sets of wall supports, which are integrated with anti-falling, anti-tipping and unloading functions.

3. The lifting device of the working platform is placed on the lifting beam of the vertical main frame, and the lifting device is not necessary to be carried during lifting operation, which can reduce the working strength and personal safety of operators;

4. Adopt the most advanced intelligent control system in the industry to realize manual control and remote control, and realize computer control at the same time;

5. The electric control system can monitor and display the load information of each machine position in real time, and it has the functions of overload, automatic alarm of loss of load, stopping, etc., so as to guarantee the synchronous performance of the lifting and lowering of the frame and greatly improve the safety performance.

6. The outer mesh is made of 0.7mm galvanized steel sheet with punching, and is plastic spraying, corrosion-resistant and color-fast. The outside network piece may spray various color and the writing according to each unit request, facilitates each for the customer company's propaganda slogan;

7. The welding grid frame structure adopts 20x20x.5 square tube, with longer service life;

8. The product can be reused, and the cost of the whole operating platform can be recovered in 2 service cycles or 2 years

The sound-absorbing materials used in building acoustics and noise control are widely used.

1. Control the reverberation time of hall sound quality, such as concert hall and movie theater. Recording room, studio, audition room, conference room, multi-function hall, gymnasium, auditorium, church, etc., generally, the best reverberation time is achieved by selecting and arranging appropriate sound absorbing materials.

2. Compared with some public transportation buildings, such as airport waiting hall, station waiting room, and terminal waiting room, information on departure, arrival or delay of plane, bus and ship needs to be constantly broadcast. Ceiling and metope humidity arranged sound absorbent material. On the one hand, it can improve the clarity of broadcast information; on the other hand, it can reduce the noise of passengers, which will make the environment quieter

3. Eliminate acoustic defects such as echo and focus in the hall. When the distance between the direct sound and the reflected sound reaches 17m, the time difference between the two sounds reaches 50ms (ms), the human ear can hear the echo, some of the longer halls, the reflection of the back wall can easily produce echo in the seating area near the mouth of the platform. It can also be eliminated by placing a strong sound-absorbing material on the back wall.

4. Improved the sound insulation effect of light and thin board walls, such as damping and sound insulation board, sound insulation felt, etc., and then filled the sandwich with porous sound absorbing materials such as glass wool and sound-absorbing cotton, which can obviously improve the sound insulation effect of such board walls.

In the process of use, repair of the part is particularly important compared with that of the part. In order to make the product give full play to the application effect, the construction developer should carry out regular repair of the parts of the product, otherwise, it is very easy to cause quality problems of the part itself. Next, the crawler network will share with you how to repair the crawler mesh pieces of tips, hoping to be able to provide a certain number of buyers.

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