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Matters needing attention when welding stainless steel pipe and climbing grid

Matters needing attention when welding stainless steel pipe and climbing grid

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Matters needing attention when welding stainless steel pipe and climbing grid

Stainless steel tube was first used in human life at the arrival of the bicycle age. As oil resources were developed two centuries ago and industries such as ships, planes and boilers developed one after another, stainless steel tube became more widely used and even became an indispensable metal material in the human world. Nowadays, stainless steel pipe is not only used in these fields, but also plays a very important role in the construction field, such as scaffold tools, climbing grid tools and so on. As a result, stainless steel tubes have become the preferred material for these tools. However, in the process of developing the crawler mesh, the staff often face such a problem, that is, the welding problem of the crawler mesh, and those who know the industry know that the most important link of the crawler mesh is welding. Once there is a problem in the welding process, it is likely to cause safety risks. In order to avoid the occurrence of this problem, yongteng screen will be stainless steel tube welding notes one by one, hoping to be able to provide a wide range of manufacturers of crawler network technology guidance.

1. The power supply must be vertical and external, and positive polarity should be adopted for direct current. Do not connect the welding wire to the negative pole.

2. Keep in mind that the steel plate can only be used for welding with the stainless steel pipe under 6mm, because the steel plate of this specification can make the welding seam into shape without producing obvious welding spot.

3. Most of the protective gas used for welding is argon with a purity of 99%, but the flow rate of argon must be stabilized, because it can directly affect the forming quality of the crawler mesh. When the welding flow reaches 50-55 amperes, the flow of argon should be 8~0L/min, while when the voltage is 50-250 amperes, the flow of argon should be 2~5L/min.

4. The length of the tungsten electrode protruding from the gas nozzle should be between 4-5mm in the best state, 2-3mm in the place of obscuring intersections such as corner welding, 5-6mm from the groove to the depth, and the distance from the nozzle to the working position should not be more than 5mm, otherwise, it will directly affect the finished product quality of the crawler mesh.

5. In order to prevent the air holes in the welding zone between the grid plate of the crawler and the stainless steel pipe, if rust, oil and other conditions are found on the surface of the welded material, please clean and replace them timely according to the situation, so as not to affect the quality of the grid plate of the crawler.

6. During the welding process, the radian of welding arc should be kept within a certain range; the range of ordinary low-carbon steel plates should be kept between 2-4mm; while for the welding of stainless steel plates, it should be kept between 1-3mm. Once the welding length or arc is too long, it is likely to cause certain damage to the climbing grid plate itself.

7. In order to prevent oxidation of the back of the bottom weld, the workers shall carry out argon welding on the back of the butt weld.

8, in the same way, in order to make better protection of argon welding molten pool, so that the stabilization of the welding process and the center line of the tungsten electrode must keep spot welding workpiece between 80-85 ° Angle of gap, filling welding wire and workpiece surface Angle as far as possible to reduce.

9. Although the welding process is in progress, the surrounding environment is also one of the reasons that affects the welding quality. It is important to bear in mind that wherever there is wind, windshield should be paid attention to, no matter what method is adopted. In addition, indoor also should take appropriate breath to assure indoor air circulation, in case to the body of staff produces certain effect.

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