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The alternative to traditional scaffoldings depends on its good quality

The alternative to traditional scaffoldings depends on its good quality

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The alternative to traditional scaffoldings depends on its good quality


1. Material saving: only 4 to 5 times the height of the floor, which greatly reduces the usage amount of scaffolding;

2. Labor saving: no material need to be transferred, and the lifting and lifting are fully automatic;

3. Strong independence: relying on the lifting of its own equipment without occupying vertical transport equipment;

4. Shorten the construction period: avoid repeated construction, and achieve semi-small automatic promotion;

5. The protection is in place: the height of the new type of climbing frame is in line with the construction range of formwork binding and dismantling.

6. Safe and reliable: lower assembly and removal, complete equipment for anti-tilt and anti-fall, and lifting and lowering operation of the frame body; 7. Management specification: high degree of equipment, which can be managed according to the equipment, and follow the fixed rule of bearing position, which is convenient for inspection;

8. Professional operation: including machinery, electrical equipment and lifting equipment, the operator must receive professional training;

9. Overall application: complete the three-dimensional project from bottom to top, and finish the external wall decoration from top to bottom;

10. Civilized construction: targeted design, professional construction and standard management

The plastic coating process is adopted for the surface treatment of the crawler mesh sheet, and its service life is greatly improved compared with the same type of products.

Climb the inside of the net facade punching sheet steel is the one aspect of the structure, the main purpose is to prevent people from next to slide down directly, or there is no such structure, some people in the aerial work, the situation is very difficult to control, is unable to overcome their fears, so people are need to provide more in-depth understanding for this. In addition, when such a model is used, it is also necessary to carry out some in-depth analysis of the present, which is also a good effect that can be better played out, while people need to conduct more in-depth analysis.

Guangzhou feng lida security technology co., LTD is the first domestic construction safety equipment production enterprise, we produce the climbing frame, mesh, chain electric hoist equipment precision, advanced production technology, rich production experience, product quality assurance, product price concessions, our factory always adhere to the "integrity first" principle, in line with "the quality strives for the survival, the credibility of development" production principles, won the praise of the vast old and new customers, favored by users, we insist on every point. Welcome to call us.

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