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Other safety technical measures of the climbing frame and its attachment reliability

Other safety technical measures of the climbing frame and its attachment reliability

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Other safety technical measures of the climbing frame and its attachment reliability

Other safety technical measures for climbing frame include: Horizontal protective measures; Electricity safety protection; Site lighting conditions; Lightning protection measures

Typhoon reinforcement measures:

1. The guideway crawler is connected with the building structure in multiple layers through the vertical connecting guideway, and the support load can be transferred to the structure uniformly, and the attachment safety is greatly improved; Compared with the girder grillage, only the upper second floor is connected with the building structure, the stress at the attachment point is concentrated, and the concrete strength has not yet reached the designed strength, so it is easy to crack the side beam, or even pull off, resulting in falling accident.

2. The distance between the guide rail and the wall is 300mm to 400mm. Compared with the attachment point, the support load is very small, mainly vertical load. The lifting point of the cantilever type climbing frame is in the middle of the bracket, about 1000 mm away from the wall, and the horizontal load is relatively large for the upper attachment point.

3, for the beam or smaller side beam bearing (below 300 x 500), the concentrated stress, damage the side beams rather than through walls bolts, in certain environmental condition, increase wall bolt safety does not improve the safety of the climb, climb frame attached mesh, while increasing attachment points can effectively solve the above contradictions, guarantee the adhesion degree of safety.

4. Adhesion safety degree is the basis of all other safety measures. If the adhesion safety degree is insufficient, falling accident is easy to occur. In many engineering applications, the guide-rail climbing frame has also experienced the breaking of the hoist hook, the breaking of chain, and the stopping of motor. Due to the uniform and solid adhesion, the anti-falling device has locked the support itself, but has no influence on the lifting point and the adjacent lifting point.

5. Requirements for strength of attachment point: the application requirements for the support dead weight construction load, wind load and certain impact load (material platform loading and unloading, horizontal impact) in the construction state. In the condition of rising and falling, it bears the impact load of anti-falling and self-locking when the support falls; When the attachment failure occurs, the adjacent points can share all the load of the support at the point without causing the chain reaction.

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