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Interpretation of high - altitude climb and climb network

Interpretation of high - altitude climb and climb network

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Interpretation of high - altitude climb and climb network

The main structure of the crawler is the crawler mesh sheet and rack, which can hold the net up, like a wall, and place it against the construction site. The main materials of the crawler network are galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, color plate and electrostatic spraying. The material can be selected according to its needs. Although the basic function of the scaffold is the same, it is much better than the scaffold.

So the climbing frame has good development advantage, but also for the development of such equipment have good effect, so it's very good in this model an understanding of good, and in the now inside the building is in the use of time, people can be very good for the effectiveness of the analysis and utilization, so this way is more and more people feel like, at the same time have a good effect.

Climb the high development of mesh of aspects of the nature of the work of people utilization is in constant increase, of course will be implemented is to to control and use people better, at the same time play with more effective, for the future construction of efficient studio can very good play out effect, after all, their work is also need high efficiency inside.

Climb inside the mesh facade punching sheet steel is the one aspect of the structure, the main purpose is to prevent people from directly next to slide down, or there is no such structure, some people in high altitude, the situation is very difficult to control, is unable to overcome their fears, so people is the need to provide more in-depth understanding for this.

Climb the net inside of a horse is this flat stamped on the sheet steel, this stuff at the time of use, of the material is completely different, but at the time of purchase, for this kind of aspect of the part must be targeted to understand, and from such a mode, also need to consider is the solid material itself, here are some of the most core aspect. Scaffolding in use process need to loading and unloading, is in trouble, and takes a lot of space, alone to remove both spend a lot of manpower material resources, as well as climb the net also convenient to use and so many workers willing to choose to climb the net to assist their work, and it is important that limits the height of the scaffold is not homework.

Guangzhou fenglida security technology co., LTD. Is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the design, research and development, production, sales, leasing and service of construction lifting machinery such as crawler, crawler network piece and chain electric hoist. Based on the business philosophy of "win-win cooperation and quality first", our company has been developing and expanding for many years, and now we have accumulated excellent interpersonal relationships and established stable upstream and downstream customer base in China, laying a solid foundation for our production and sales.

Our factory always adheres to the principle of "honesty first" and the production principle of "quality strives for survival and reputation seeks development", and has won the praise of new and old customers and won the favor of customers. We insist on doing well every point. Welcome to call us.

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