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What kind of engineering is suitable for integrated climbing frame? What are the advantages?

What kind of engineering is suitable for integrated climbing frame? What are the advantages?

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What kind of engineering is suitable for integrated climbing frame? What are the advantages?

The integrated climbing frame is applicable to the building subject over 45 meters and can be applied to the building subject of various structures. It adopts the whole steel structure. It has the features of integrated equipment, low build and high use, fully enclosed protection, professional safety equipment and no fire hazard.

The steel mesh is used for all the safety net, and the product is standardized, which can realize the tool installation and disassembly. No longer require steel pipe fasteners, while saving material rental fees, make equipment, material site management easy. The construction site bottom surface assembly, installation and disassembly is convenient, the operation is simple and quick, avoids the high altitude to set up the frame body, reduces the safety hidden danger when the frame body is set up.

Guangzhou fenglida security technology co., LTD. Is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the design, research and development, production, sales, leasing and service of construction lifting machinery such as crawler, crawler network piece and chain electric hoist. The electric hoist hanging and non-moving system adopted by the company has greatly reduced the labor intensity of the workers, and all the monitoring system is adopted when the upgrade, and the improvement can be seen on the monitoring computer, reducing the equipment failure rate and greatly improving the safety of the attached lifting scaffold during the lifting process.

Compared with ordinary crawler, integrated crawler has the following advantages:

1. The integrated climbing frame adopts factory prefabricated production and standardized setting device, and adopts unit folding method. The operation is simple and rapid. The ratio of open space to folded space of scaffold body unit reaches 12:1, which is convenient for transportation and reduces transportation cost.

2. Adopt automatic synchronous control system and remote control system to actively prevent unsafe state, and adopt multi-set star wheel anti-falling device to prevent failure of reset device and other failures, which can ensure that the protective frame is always in a safe state and effectively prevent falling.

3. Intelligent load control system and remote control operation are adopted for the lifting and lowering, which is more convenient and reliable and enables personnel to control without putting on the floor. Using the model of 7.5 T chain electric hoist, intelligent automatic control device and is hanging hoist device and the upper and lower hanging ornaments, is provided for each reservation gourd is hanging system and hoisting system of the intelligent load of synchronous control system is a kind of active safety control system, it can effectively avoid the load safety hazard caused by overload or failure load is too large, to ensure security. When the load of a machine position exceeds 15% of the designed value, it will automatically alarm and display alarm machine position in the form of sound and light. When more than 30%, the set of lifting equipment will stop automatically until the fault is removed.

4. Realize low and high function. The assembly is completed at the bottom of the building body, attached to the building and constantly improved with the increase of the floor height. The entire operation process does not involve other lifting machinery, which greatly improves the construction efficiency. Besides, the site environment is more humane, the management and maintenance is easier, and the civilized operation effect is more prominent.

5. Complete sealing of the bottom and structural floor of the climbing frame body greatly eliminates safety hazards. The stage body folding unit of the operating platform is provided with a sealed tip-over. The tip-over is connected with the stereotyped steel foot pallet with multiple hinge chains. The tip-over is a movable component, which is opened when lifting and closed when static construction. The shaped steel foot plate is installed in the folding unit, and the bolt assembly is used to connect with the vertical bar and inclined brace bar inside and outside the folding unit.

6. The climbing frame bears a large load, and the capacity of a single machine position is 50-75kn.

7. When adjacent scaffold units are connected, there is no gap between the upright poles, which not only reduces the construction quantity on site, but also makes the appearance more beautiful and civilized.

8. The pull-rod member adopts the regular connection to make the frame more stable.

Company in line with the good faith management idea, keep up with the trend of the construction development, always adhere to the "responsible for the project, let customer satisfaction" business principles, adhering to the "quality first, keep improving" the quality of the guidelines, adhere to the "technological innovation, science and technology enterprise" the innovation idea, to lead the industry development as the guide, to serve the society as its own duty, is willing to cooperate with customers both at home and abroad, to provide professional products and excellent service. Passat machinery is the earliest a climbing frame, mesh, chain electric hoist production enterprises, our sophisticated production equipment, advanced production technology, rich production experience, product quality assurance, product price concessions, our factory always adhere to the "integrity first" principle, in line with "quality seek survival, prestige seek development" production principles, won the praise of the vast old and new customers, favored by users, we insist on every point.

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