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Matters needing attention for safe use of climbing frame and wire mesh

Matters needing attention for safe use of climbing frame and wire mesh

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Matters needing attention for safe use of climbing frame and wire mesh

Guangzhou fenglida security technology co., LTD. Is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in the design, development, production, sales, leasing and service of crawler, crawler mesh sheet and chain electric hoist. Company in line with the good faith management idea, keep up with the trend of the construction development, always adhere to the "responsible for the project, let customer satisfaction" business principles, adhering to the "quality first, keep improving" the quality of the guidelines, adhere to the "technological innovation, science and technology enterprise" the innovation idea, to lead the industry development as the guide, to serve the society as its own duty, is willing to cooperate with customers both at home and abroad, to provide professional products and excellent service.

In the whole process of use, we should carry out the policy of "safety first, prevention first".

1. Construction personnel shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current safety technical specifications for working at construction height (JGJ80) and safety technical operation regulations for construction installation workers ([80] no. 24 of construction labor code). Each kind of work personnel should be basically fixed, and hold the certificate to mount guard.

2. The construction electricity shall comply with the current technical specification for temporary electricity safety in construction site (jgj46-2005).

3. The outer side of the frame body shall be encased with the binocular safety net, and the bottom of the frame body shall be covered with a small eye net. The binocular safety net and the small eye net shall be securely fixed on the frame body.

4. The material platform shall be separately set up and lifted, and shall not share the power transmission rod with the climbing frame.

5. No raising or lowering operations are allowed in gales, rain, snow, fog and night.

6. Carry out the safety inspection, especially the inspection of the mounting frame before lifting and after lifting of the chain electric hoist, and make the inspection records carefully.

7. During the pre-tightening process of the wire rope before lifting, excessive overload should be avoided.

8. In the process of lifting and lifting operations, unified command, clear division of labor, standard instructions and necessary patrol staff shall be provided.

9. During the lifting operation, construction work shall not be carried out on the outer frame, and irrelevant personnel shall not be stranded on the scaffold.

10. In the process of lifting and lifting operation, the chain and chain of electric hoist should be prevented.

11. The position of the wall bolts must be accurate. When the climbing frame is lifted or lowered, check whether the guide rail of the chain electric hoist oversqueezes the beam or breaks away from the regulating wheel at any time.

12. After the lifting is in place, the scaffold must be fixed in time. The scaffold operator shall not leave work or turn over before completing the fixing work and completing the handover procedures.

13. Check the weld state of components, crack and deformation of wall bolts at any time during disassembly and installation.

14. Pulley, each guide wheel and all threads shall be lubricated periodically to ensure that they move freely and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

15. The lifting control console should be operated by a special person, and it is forbidden to enter the room.

16. In the process of use, the construction load on the scaffold shall conform to the design regulations. Overload is strictly prohibited and concentrated load that affects the safety of local parts is strictly prohibited. Construction waste should be cleaned in time.

17. The crawler can only be used as the operation rack, and cannot be used as the supporting formwork.

18. It is not allowed to reduce, move and dismantle the parts of the climbing frame at will.

Guangzhou feng lida security technology co., LTD. Is a construction safety production enterprises, our sophisticated production equipment, advanced production technology, rich production experience, product quality assurance, product price concessions, our factory always adhere to the "integrity first" principle, in line with "the quality strives for the survival, the credibility of development" production principles, won the praise of the vast old and new customers, favored by users, we insist on every point.

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