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The service life and how to increase the service life?

The service life and how to increase the service life?

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The service life and how to increase the service life?

Do you know the life of the climb? How to increase the service life, when everybody buys the crawler net, the first consideration is the appearance is beautiful, the quality is reliable, the price is moderate, then must consider whether the installation is convenient, then the service life has how long. These standards, we can produce the climbing network can reach. Below we explain to you in detail how the punching purse Seine can be maintained to extend the service life. The climbing network is popular because of its high safety performance and decoration performance. According to the processing material different, the service life is also different. Common material has galvanized board, aluminium board, iron board, stainless steel board 4 kinds, service life can reach more than 10 years. No matter what the material of the grid fence has a certain service life, to extend its service life needs to know some of the maintenance skills of the grid fence.

The simplest way, we can use warm water or weak detergent to clean. Want regular of the dirt that crawler net removes, use dishcloth to wipe dry can. In addition, it is better to choose products that have been spray-painted or spray-painted when selecting the crawler net fence. The service life can be extended through surface treatment process (such as galvanizing, spraying plastics and painting). These processed products are resistant to corrosion and rust, and have a long service life.

Having said so much about safety, the best thing to say is why is he so safe? What is the security role? The speak to climb frame network peripheral round hole mesh and link chain electric hoist, also known as climbing frame mesh, it is made of galvanized sheet punching, and then through the electrostatic spraying, used in the welding in the steel frame, the new steel mesh climbing frame has the ventilation effect is good, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, economic and durable, than ordinary nylon netting safety performance improved one hundred times, and, if in the construction of accidentally damaged, can also change the mesh alone, for the subcontracted to save money. Do you know the life span of the crawler? How to increase it?

The climbing grid is an indispensable material in the whole construction industry. We can see them everywhere. There are various materials, different colors and different sizes.

Our building safety net color can be customized according to customer requirements. Of course, the green of building safety protection net is used most besides green, still have blue, why can blue also be used to do building safety protection net? From the perspective of aesthetics, it is also ok, because our blue sky is the same as this color, and our buildings can be hidden between the blue sky and white clouds, which can also play a very good effect of foil to the city beauty.

Finally is green and yellow the color of the police line, the color with less, but, at present already has an obvious rising trend, perhaps because everyone for increasing safety requirements, also for the diversification of people standing timber, there will be one of the most practical explanation, is the green with yellow warning line construction safety nets, can have very good construction safety protection effect not just, also for us or the operator of the construction personnel have a very good warning effect, can let our workers always pay attention to your job specification, in one thousand, so as to achieve the purpose of the nip in the bud.

From the perspective of the product improvement of the construction safety net manufacturers throughout the country, the most important colors are still these three, namely green, blue and yellow and green.

The main technology of climbing net color is electrostatic powder spraying, with various colors. The spraying method can be manual, automatic or manual + automatic. Spray material is 100% solid powder, free powder can be recycled, paint recycling rate up to 98%. Suspension transportation system, high degree of automation. The coating has few microholes and good corrosion resistance, and can be sprayed by thick film at one time.

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