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Climbing frame, climbing frame mesh features summary

Climbing frame, climbing frame mesh features summary

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The characteristics of crawler and crawler mesh are summarized

1. Protection in place: the height of attached scaffold is generally 4~5 times higher than the floor height, which just covers the construction range of formwork binding reinforcement and formwork support during the construction of the structure, and solves the problem of no protection when the hanger meets the balcony, window hole and frame structure.

2, save material, save artificial: no matter how many layers of buildings, attached scaffold or lower floors from the ground began to one-time assembly 4 ~ 5 times the high floor of the scaffold, and then only for lifting operation, does not need to transship between materials, compared with console scaffold once installed at least can save 60% steel, at least 40%, save investment and save a lot of artificial.

3. Wide application range: it is applicable to shear wall, frame shear, frame, silo, cantilever large balcony, etc., and it is not affected by the change of building height. It can be raised by single sheet, divided or whole.

4. Guarantee construction period: independent lifting of attached scaffold can save hoisting time of tower crane; The bottom of the climbing frame can be backfilled after climbing. After climbing up to the top, the climbing frame can be used to carry out the descending operation for decoration. The roofing engineering and decoration engineering can be carried out at the same time

5. The structure is scientific, safe and reliable: the whole frame has sufficient strength and stiffness. The axis of vertical main frame and horizontal girder joint bar of frame body converge at a point, and the bearing hand is clear and reasonable.

6. Safety and reliability: the attached scaffold is assembled and dismantled randomly at a low place, and equipped with safety devices such as anti-overturning and anti-fall. The lifting operation is carried out within the protection of the frame body.

7. Construction civilization: the attached scaffold is professionally designed and constructed, which can be recycled and used repeatedly, and can meet the requirements of civilized construction easily. Climbing frame 1 safe 2 economical 3 economical 4 convenient 5 quick

8. Operation specialty: the attached scaffold not only contains the scaffold, but also contains machinery, electrical equipment, lifting equipment, etc. The operator must receive professional training. Professional operation improves construction efficiency and ensures construction quality and safety.

9. Management specification: the attached scaffold equipment is highly automated and can be managed according to the equipment. Moreover, as it is only 4-5 times higher than the floor height, the attachment support is in the fixed position, which is regular and convenient for inspection and management. Compared with the traditional scaffold, it can effectively prevent the security risks caused by the lack of wall parts, falling objects during the construction and lifting of crane during the construction.

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