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The future forecast of crawler and crawler grid

The future forecast of crawler and crawler grid

Date of release:2018-08-27 Author: Click:

The future forecast of crawler and crawler grid

1 advantages of climbing frame:

With the rapid development of our country's economy and city construction of large-scale, high-rise buildings in cities across the country and high-rises have mushroomed, springing up because of the traditional scaffold economic cost is high, the labor intensity, is not convenient in use and safe hidden trouble, and many other disadvantages has its USES in the high-rise building projects is limited. Therefore, relevant departments of the state have issued a series of regulations and policies in recent years, vigorously promoting research, development, popularization and application of new materials, new equipment and new technologies. Since its emergence in the early 1990s, the climbing frame has been well received by people in the construction industry. With the continuous development of the market and the gradual perfection of the technology, the project has been listed as one of the ten new technology promotion projects by the ministry of construction.

1.1 good economic performance

No matter how high the building is, the use of lifting scaffolds only needs turnover materials of four to five storeys, which can save material rental costs. The frame body is built at one time, and the tower crane is no longer needed to cooperate. The turnover materials have little loss in use and less loss.

1.2 good safety performance

As the lifting scaffold is set up at the first standard layer of the building, it avoids the continuous construction and disassembly of the frame in the high air, and reduces the dangerous work such as the falling of the circulating materials. After the lifting and lifting of the scaffold body is in place, the frame body is in a completely closed state to avoid the falling of any construction materials and personnel, so as to realize the safe operation.

1.3 easy to use and high efficiency

Climbing scaffold erection has been completed, the frame body normal lifting operations, lifting a layer for only 1 ~ 2 hours, scaffolder can take advantage of the other team at lunch time to complete the lifting operation, to avoid unsafe factors of each type of work bring cross homework easily satisfy 3 ~ 4 days, main body construction requirements, construction convenience and efficiency.

2 advantages of climbing frame

The rapid development of the climbing frame benefits from its own advantages and its good adaptability to buildings. The attached lifting scaffold belongs to the form of composite steel structure. In order to facilitate the field transportation and assembly, it USES a large number of bolts to connect itself. At the same time, the parts are made into different structures to adapt to the development of society and the limitations of its own conditions. Because of the construction load and its weight, adhesive lifting scaffolding generally used the following the main load-bearing structure: the vertical level of main frame, truss, attach supporting structure, the sway for device, this a few mechanical structure of the basic frame of the frame body, other force smaller parts adopt common steel build-up. Considering its own material strength, construction work layer and undismantled template layer, the height of the frame shall not be more than 5 times the height of the floor and the width shall not be greater than 1.2m. Basic skeleton frame body due to welding, bolt connection, because its material and ultimate strength of adhesion is determined by the bearing the weight of the supporting structure, the distance between the two vertical main frame line layout shall not be more than 7 m, span arrangement of two adjacent main frame of the lateral line or curve distance shall not be more than 5.4 m, the frame body shall not be greater than the product of high and bearing span 110 � O.

2.1 low carbon

Save 70% of steel consumption; Saving 95% electricity consumption; Saving 30% of construction consumables;

2.2 economy

Construction subjects above 45m are applicable. The higher the floor, the more obvious the economy, each building can comprehensively save 30-60% of the cost.

2.3 practical

It can be applied to the building body of various structures.

2.4 security

The automatic synchronous control system and remote control system can actively prevent unsafe state, and the star wheel anti-falling device with multiple Settings can prevent the failure of reset device and other failures, which can ensure that the protective frame is always in a safe state and effectively prevent falling.

2.5 intelligent

Automatic synchronous control system can display the lifting status in real time and automatically collect the load value of each lifting position. When the load value of a machine position exceeds 15% of the designed value, it will automatically alarm and display the alarm position in the form of sound and light. When more than 30%, the group of lifting equipment will be automatically shut down until troubleshooting. It effectively avoids the safety hazard caused by overloading or overloading.

2.6 mechanization

Achieve low - build function. The assembly is completed at the bottom of the building, attached to the building, and constantly improved with the increase of the floor height. The entire operation process does not involve other lifting machinery, which greatly improves the construction efficiency. Besides, the site environment is more humane, the management and maintenance is easier, and the civilized operation effect is more prominent.

Beautiful 2.7 degrees

Break through the disorderly appearance of traditional scaffolding, make the overall image of the construction project more concise and orderly, and show the safe and civilized image of the construction project more effectively and intuitively.

3 prospect of attached lifting scaffold

With the rapid development of economy, there are more and more high-rise buildings. In the construction of high building scaffold, the attached lifting scaffold ADAPTS to the requirements of the construction unit's economy, application and safety, and shows its superiority in the construction of high building, which has been applied and developed rapidly and has a promising market prospect.

3.1 analysis of the main factors influencing the consumer groups of products

At present, the main factors affecting the product market are policy factors. First, this product is a new technology clearly proposed in item 252 of document 659 of the ministry of construction in 2008. Second, at present, China's urbanization process is accelerating, and the status of real estate as the pillar industry of the national economy is becoming more and more important. Third, cost factor. The comprehensive cost savings of this product over 60% can be achieved in high-rise construction compared with traditional products.

3.2 market trend forecast and market opportunity

Quite a long time in the future, China will in the phase of rapid urbanization, speed increase by an average of 2 billion square meters, tall and super-tall building more and more, in this case, the adhesive lifting scaffolding for its climb less materials, tear open outfit, quick, convenient, safe and reliable characteristics, conform to the state advocates of environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon development concept, and thus the building new technology promotion rapidly.

(1) China's land resources are limited, and in particular, we should stick to the red line of 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land. Meanwhile, China's urbanization will be accelerated in a long period in the future. The Chinese academy of social sciences predicted in the blue book of macro economy that China's urbanization rate will be 52.28% by 2015, 57.67% by 2020 and 67.81% by 2030. That would mean increasing urbanisation by almost 1 percentage point a year, equivalent to more than 14m people moving to cities each year. Urban construction is bound to be "tall", so there will be more and more high-rise and super-high-rise buildings, and the market of attached lifting scaffold is vast.

(2) the state attaches great importance to the attached scaffold industry. The state attaches great importance to the attached scaffold industry, and the ministry of construction promulgated the "interim provisions on the management of construction attached scaffold". In 2008, the ministry of construction document no. 659 clearly proposed in the promotion of the application of new technology.

(3) industrial concentration will gradually increase. Look from domestic market at present, manufacturer is numerous, standard standard is differ, industrial concentration degree is inferior, based on a few reasons below, the author thinks the concentration degree of the industry of adhesion go up further, the market will be centralized to dominant enterprise. First, rapid technological update. The technology update of the attached scaffold industry is very fast. Only the superior enterprises can have sufficient strength to stand in the frontier field. Second, national policy support, the development of the attached scaffolding industry cannot be separated from government support, and the government is more inclined to support leading enterprises; Thirdly, national supervision is becoming increasingly strict. As the adhesion scaffold industry involves construction safety, production enterprises that fail to meet the national supervision standards will be eliminated, while the trend of national supervision is becoming more and more strict. Fourth, large key construction enterprises pay more attention to corporate reputation and technical ability, so they tend to be the leading enterprises.

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