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Development trend of aluminum alloy template

Development trend of aluminum alloy template

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Development trend of aluminum alloy template

At present, aluminum alloy template alternatives to traditional template has been widely used, and by its light weight, high strength, large plate width, flat-fell seam features less useful to ensure the construction quality, although in the early period of the aluminum alloy template into relatively high, but can be useful to shorten the construction period, progress, construction quality, cut the second construction bring unnecessary trouble. Together, since the aluminum film planning has the characteristics of standardization and standardization, it enables it to adapt to the installation and construction of any location, and the degree of standardization of the construction project has been effectively guaranteed and improved. In terms of economic benefits, aluminum alloy templates and traditional templates have more investment in the early stage than the traditional ones. The reason why they are widely expected is that although traditional templates such as wood moulds have less investment in the early stage, they have more investment in the later stage. Firstly, because aluminum alloy is the information of environmental protection construction, it has high recovery rate and recovery value, the recovery rate of residual value can reach more than 80% of the original quotation. Second, aluminum alloy template can be repeatedly used, saving capital. That is to say, in addition to the higher initial investment, the later investment is zero, which is also the reason for its outstanding economic benefits.

At present, domestic construction templates are more traditional as follows:

1) the most traditional wood template is poplar and pine. This kind of template is relatively light with a slightly lower cost, but the durability is not very good, and the reuse rate is very low.

2) the steel formwork is made of steel with great strength. But the weight is overweight, the repetition is good, the capital is extremely high.

Plastic template, not afraid of water, low cost, durable, but not strength.

Compared with the above three traditional templates, the repeated use of aluminum templates is much better than the previous three common templates, with high strength, light weight and rust proof, suitable for the south and some humid places. The most important thing is that aluminum template can be poured once after assembly. If it is the same floor and repeated floor like a small community, aluminum template can be used. The quotation of construction period is remarkable, and the joint is fine, the wall is beautiful, and the later decoration is also convenient.

Compared with the traditional aluminum alloy template template has the following advantages:

1) short construction period: the aluminum alloy construction formwork system is the quick-release mold system, and a set of formwork can reach the first floor in four or five days during normal construction, which greatly saves the cost of the construction company. (currently the project under construction in macau -- TN27 public floor construction can reach the first floor in three days

2) less repeated use and low cost of uniform application; aluminum alloy template system shall use aluminum alloy profile formed by all kneading as original material (6063-t6 or 6061-t6). A set of standard construction of template can be flipped and used for more than 300 to 50 times, and the cost of uniform application is low.

3) the construction is convenient, the high power: aluminum alloy building template system assembly, convenient, uniform weight 30 kg / ㎡, completely by artificial assembly, do not need any mechanical equipment annoying to assist (construction workers generally only need a wrench or small hammer, convenient and quick, device skilled workers per person per day for 20 ~ 30 square meters (with wood pattern comparison: aluminum mould device of workers only need to block device of 70 ~ 80%, and does not require skilled workers, only need a brief training device for construction personnel before).

4) high bearing capacity: aluminum alloy plate is used in all parts of the aluminum alloy formwork system. After the system is assembled, it forms a whole structure with excellent stability. The carrying capacity can reach 60KN per square meter.

5) wide application range: the use of aluminum alloy construction template is suitable for wall, horizontal floor, column, beam, staircase, window and floating board, etc.

6) exterior effect of concrete after mold removal: after mold removal of aluminum alloy construction formwork, the concrete exterior quality is flat and bright, which can basically meet the requirements of concrete surface and water coagulation. There is no need to carry out batching, which can save the batching cost.

7) no construction waste at the site: all parts of the aluminum alloy construction template system can be used repeatedly. After the construction and dismantling, there is no waste at the site, and the construction environment is safe, clean and tidy.

8) good specification and versatility: aluminum alloy has many specifications for building templates. It can be used to assemble and reconstruct new construction materials with different specifications according to the project. It only needs to change the non-standard version at the mercy of 20-30%, which can reduce the cost. ,

9) high recovery value: after the aluminum alloy construction template is abandoned, when the waste treatment residual value is high, the average cost of capital is significant (the recovery price per square meter is about 400 yuan).

10) low-carbon emission reduction: all materials of the aluminum alloy construction template system are renewable and in line with the national regulations on energy conservation, environmental protection, low-carbon and emission reduction of construction projects. Many developed countries already have rules for building projects that prohibit the use of wooden stencils, using only recycled data templates.

11) convenience of support system: in traditional construction methods, formwork construction skills such as floor slab and channel are used throughout the selection of joint supports and cost data. On the other hand, there is relatively less support (independent support distance is 1200mm) on the spot for the root aluminum formwork, with large operating space, personnel access, data transfer and easy handling on site.

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