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How to ensure construction progress?

How to ensure construction progress?

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 How to ensure construction progress?

1. External measures to guarantee the construction period

1. Fully communicate with the general contractor before construction, make clear the general contractor construction plan and related technical and management requirements, and confirm the relevant responsible person;

2. Fully communicate with the work team such as laying line, steel bar and hydropower station before construction, discuss with each other and confirm the intersection and handover links of construction work, and confirm the handover time and relevant responsible persons; Reasonable arrangement of interpenetration flow between aluminum mold and different types of work to ensure that there is no blank time for construction.

3. Party a, the design institute and the general contractor shall try their best to reduce the modification and change in the construction process. The modification and change period of aluminum template is relatively long. Local changes will be introduced 5 days in advance.

2. Management measures to guarantee the construction period

1. Establish a strong project management department and allocate efficient project management. The project manager, technician, quality inspector and safety officer of the project construction are all held by the personnel with rich experience in the construction management of the project, and the project executive manager is responsible for the technical, quality, safety, civilized construction and logistics support work configuration.

2. Strictly implement the reward and punishment system, implement the harsh reward and punishment system for each kind of work and process, and implement the heavy award and heavy punishment for the process that has a significant impact on the construction period.

3. Under the control of the overall progress plan, make the construction plan and work arrangement of specific engineering parts month by month and week by week. If it is found that the schedule is not completed according to the node schedule, it is necessary to timely check, analyze the causes, and quickly take remedial measures and adjust the plan.

4. Regularly hold regular project meetings, which shall be presided over by the project manager and attended by all construction teams, summarize the work completion, coordinate the internal contradictions of the project construction, and put forward a clear plan adjustment plan.

5. For the key process affecting the project, the project manager shall organize the strength personally, work overtime and make surprise attack, and the related management personnel shall work with the shift to ensure the completion of the key process on time.

Technical measures to guarantee the construction period

Starting from technical measures is the most direct and effective way to guarantee the construction period, strengthen the field technology and quality management, improve the first pass rate, and reduce the adjustment and rework time. Therefore, great attention must be paid to the following three factors:

1. Design change factors

The design change factor is the biggest interference factor in the progress execution, including the design drawing itself is deficient, the change or supplement causes the increment, rework, disrupts the construction flow rhythm, causes the construction to slow down or even stop. Therefore, it is necessary to realize that the project management department should conduct self-examination, joint examination and communication with relevant units through understanding the drawings and design intention, take the initiative to discover problems in time, realize pre-control to the maximum extent and minimize the impact. In view of site change, the method of local wood mold substitution is adopted to solve the problem. The key is to design a good connection between wood mold and aluminum mold to ensure construction quality.

2. Resource allocation factors

(1) labor force allocation. Under the condition of guaranteeing the labor force, optimize the allocation and management of workers' technical level, ideological and physical quality, and give priority to balanced flow, organize the construction period of key processes, key links and necessary working face in a timely manner according to the construction conditions, and carry out the 24-hour operation according to the construction situation of the general contractor.

(2) material configuration. In addition to the corresponding materials, the site also needs to be equipped with enough aluminum mold material to ensure that aluminum mold deformation, damage or loss after repair or re-processing.

(3) mechanical configuration. In order to ensure the timely completion of this project, we will allocate enough small and medium-sized machinery, not only to meet the normal use, but also to ensure effective standby. In addition, regular inspection and daily maintenance of mechanical equipment should be done to ensure that construction machinery is in good condition.

(4) fund allocation. Prepare the capital flow plan according to the actual situation of the construction, apply for the project money according to the contract terms, and allocate the project money in various aspects such as labor cost, material cost, etc., at the same time rationally use and control the enterprise working capital, so that the construction can proceed smoothly.

(5) logistics support. Logistics service personnel should do a good job in providing life services, focusing on food and shelter.

3. Technical factors

(1) the work is carried out in water flow, and there are two shifts in day and night during the work rush.

(2) give full play to the advantages of strong technical force and timely solve on-site problems.

(3) apply modern management means such as new technology, new material and new process, and computer to serve this project.

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