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The processing and maintenance of the climbing frame and the climbing frame mesh

The processing and maintenance of the climbing frame and the climbing frame mesh

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The processing and maintenance of the climbing frame and the climbing frame mesh

The bottom of the climbing frame can be backfilled after climbing. When the climbing rack climbs to the top, the descending operation can be carried out for decoration. The roofing engineering and decoration engineering can be carried out at the same time, and it is not necessary to wait until the roofing strength meets the requirements to install the decoration. Usually on the surface of the grid, plastic and other skin for maintenance. Manufacturers also have a role to play in getting the waste out, adding surface maintenance membranes that are easy to tear off and are sure to leave no mushy marks on the surface. As far as possible, do not tear the maintenance film when making the final scrap bales. Regarding these maintained wastes, it is best to process them on the soft wooden platform.

When analyzing from such a typical effect as aerial work, people can simplify their understanding and analysis more. After all, it is a good aspect to play. However, the current use of this part is the most influential state that brings people better to use. Now use the climbing frame network places is constantly increasing, and the current this kind of aspect to understand, people can be very simple for now this kind of aspect analysis, thus brings to people is more good results, but many of the project may be used for this very high safety coefficient of a device is not so much, so from the situation for analysis, also let people can be more simple to use, a part of this aspect is very important, so people need to understand.

But for climbing scaffold mesh price aspects of the lease is the need for further communication, because of the different types of charge by the lease price also has the very big difference, but this way the general price is very cheap, so for such a way can be very good play out of the effect, and are better able to let people to use

The utility model is a kind of tool scaffold, which is often used in high-rise building construction. Its main advantages: 1. Its important parts are manufactured by the factory with high quality guarantee rate and significantly fewer unsafe factors in the erection and use; 2. 2. Due to the fact that it is a tool type, it keeps climbing up, and the amount of turnover material put in at one time is low. Its disadvantages: 1. It is not very suitable for high-rise residential buildings with too many concavoconvex and concave shapes and complicated back and forth. This kind of plane shape needs too many sections, which requires more lifting power points. It is not easy to solve the problem of too many lifting power points synchronously and orderly. 2. Each lifting power point has a larger load on the roof cantilever beam and balcony overhanging beam, which shall be recalculated by the structural designer, strengthened in advance, and embedded parts shall be installed.

Climb the perpendicularity of the stud should be controlled within the l / 400, every level of rail surface height difference is less than 50 mm, outside the frame extending direction deviation is not more than 20 m. straight wall hole, according to the overall plane design, elevation position accurate reserving. The horizontal distance error of the hole should be controlled within 4 she. Stud installation distance within the range error of metope is not more than 20 mm, machined components, through-wall bolts, i-steel, Angle steel, steel plate adopt ordinary hot-rolled steel. Processing is the key to welding quality. The welds are full welding, weld thickness above 6 m, check after welding with welding seam square, Repair welding is not in accordance with the requirements. In the installation process of the outer frame, temporary facilities are adopted as the mounting height increases to firmly connect the outer frame with the building, and the stable guiding device is installed between the outer frame and the building.

As a kind of very good auxiliary product that can be used in architecture, the building climbing network has a good use value. In the process of use, due to the particularity of the work of the construction industry, it is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product. On the one hand, unnecessary trouble occurs in the process of construction.

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