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Classification and detailed description

Classification and detailed description

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Classification and detailed description

According to its power source can be divided into hydraulic, electric, human hand - pull type and other major categories. It is a new kind of scaffold system developed in recent years. It can climb up or down buildings. This system changes scaffold technology completely. Second, the dismantling and assembling process of the scaffold (after the first assembly is completed) is exempted, and the height of the building is not limited, which greatly saves manpower and materials. In addition, the traditional scaffolds have been greatly improved from the perspective of safety and have great advantages in the development of high-rise buildings.

Guangzhou feng lida security technology co., LTD. Is a construction safety production enterprises, our sophisticated production equipment, advanced production technology, rich production experience, product quality assurance, product price concessions, our factory always adhere to the "integrity first" principle, in line with "the quality strives for the survival, the credibility of development" production principles, won the praise of the vast old and new customers, favored by users, we insist on every point.

Guangzhou feng lida security technology co., LTD. Main production building climb, climb, mesh chain electric hoist, etc., with the rapid development of construction industry in our country, more and more high-rise buildings and high-rise building construction scaffolding of choose to become a great event in the construction organization design, build thing besides considering the requirement of the construction technology and safety protection, but also meet the national environmental protection mission, using our production of sheet metal fence has safety protection, sound insulation, noise reduction, the wind dust, ventilation, heat dissipation, good appearance, multiple advantages of environmental protection, in addition, the attached scaffold of economy has become a major factor. Multi-function climbing frame is suitable for all kinds of high and super high buildings. It has won the use of users with the advantages of simple construction, convenient operation and economic durability.

Safety device

The attached lifting scaffold should be installed with automatic mechanical anti-falling device, anti-overturning device and synchronous control or load control device.

The falling device and lifting device should be independently fixed at the building structure. The falling device should be installed at the vertical main frame and attached to the building structure.

In the case of lifting or using, the minimum spacing between the top and bottom two anti-tilt devices should not be less than 2.8m or 1/4 of the height of the frame body.

The underlayer of the frame is protected

The bottom operating surface of the frame body must be covered with the foot pallet. No gaps, probe plate and flying gangplank should be allowed. The horizontal safety net should be set under the foot pallet.

The gap between the frame body and the structure is provided with an open reverse plate protection at the bottom side of the scaffold and above every two layers, so as to ensure vertical protective crossing ring, which can effectively prevent small objects such as steel head, fasteners and concrete blocks from falling out of the scaffold body.

Do not:

The lifting of two or more supports at the same time shall adopt electric or hydraulic power device, shall not use manual device, shall not have construction load on the frame body when lifting, and operators shall not stay on the frame body. At the same time, the safety warning area should be set up when the frame body is installed, lifted and dismantled, and a special person should be set up to monitor it.

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