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Characteristics of attached lifting scaffold

Characteristics of attached lifting scaffold

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Characteristics of attached lifting scaffold

The attached lifting scaffold is a new kind of scaffold technology developed rapidly at the beginning of this century. It turns the high work into the low work, turns the suspended work into the internal work of the frame body, has the remarkable low carbon, the high-tech content and is more economical, safer, more convenient and other characteristics.

The attached lifting scaffold refers to the outer scaffold built up to a certain height and attached to the engineering structure. Depending on its own lifting equipment and devices, it can climb or descend layer by layer with the engineering structure and has anti-overturning and anti-falling devices. The attached lifting scaffold is mainly composed of attached lifting scaffold structure, attached support, anti-tilt device, anti-fall device, lifting mechanism and control device.

Characteristics of attached lifting scaffold:

Low carbon

Save 70% of steel usage

Save 95% electricity consumption

Save construction consumables by 30%


The building body above 45 meters is applicable. The higher the floor, the more obvious the economy, each building can comprehensively save 30%-60% of the cost.


It can be applied to the building body of various structures


The automatic synchronous control system and remote control system can actively prevent unsafe state, and the star wheel anti-falling device with multiple Settings can prevent the failure of reset device and other failures, which can ensure that the protective frame is always in a safe state and effectively prevent falling.


Microcomputer load control system can display the lifting status in real time and automatically collect the load value of each lifting position. When the load of a machine position exceeds 15% of the designed value, it will alarm itself in the form of sound and light and display the alarm position; When more than 30%, the group of lifting equipment will stop automatically until the fault is cleared. It effectively avoids the safety hazard caused by overloading or overloading.


Achieve low - build function. The assembly is completed at the bottom of the building body, attached to the building and constantly improved with the increase of the floor height. The entire operation process does not involve other lifting machinery, which greatly improves the construction efficiency. Besides, the site environment is more humane, the management and maintenance is easier, and the civilized operation effect is more prominent.


Break through the disorderly appearance of traditional scaffolding, make the overall image of the construction project more concise and orderly, and show the safe and civilized image of the construction project more effectively and intuitively.

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