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The equipment industry, such as crawler, crawler network, is becoming increasingly competitive, and Chinese manufacturing is expected to upgrade

The equipment industry, such as crawler, crawler network, is becoming increasingly competitive, and Chinese manufacturing is expected to upgrade

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The equipment industry, such as crawler, crawler network, is becoming increasingly competitive, and Chinese manufacturing is expected to upgrade

Some analysts believe that some industries represented by machinery equipment, new materials and information technology are expected to benefit first as the construction process of made in China 2025 continues. At present, the competition among China's mechanical equipment enterprises is increasingly fierce, and most regions are making Suggestions for the healthy development of the mechanical industry.

Mechanical equipment is one of the fields that receive direct benefit under the background of made in China 2025. Relevant plans are believed to promote consumption upgrading, guide the equipment manufacturing enterprises to take the initiative to improve the performance, function and technological level of equipment products, and promote the upgrading of the whole industrial chain of Chinese manufacturing with the expansion of the consumer market to the medium-high end. As the basic industry of the national economy, the development of machinery manufacturing has a direct impact on the development of all sectors of the national economy, as well as the national economy and people's livelihood and the strengthening of national defense forces. With the increasing competition in the international market of machinery products, each major company has introduced high and new technology into the development of machinery products as an important means to win the competition.

In 2011, China's total industrial output was 120% of that of the United States, 346% of that of Germany and 235% of that of Japan. To the horror of western politicians, China's industrial output was only 65% of that of America in 2007. Since the financial crisis in 2008, European and American economies have plummeted, and China's economy has emerged as an engine of world economic growth.

In 2016, the growth rate of major economic indicators of China's machinery industry generally recovered, exceeding the expectation at the beginning of last year. The analysis indicated that the machinery industry is expected to maintain steady growth in 2017 with the advancement of industrial structure adjustment. According to the latest statistics, from January to May 2017, the economic operation of the machinery industry was stable on the whole, with the growth rate falling at a high level. Among the major industries, the automobile manufacturing industry continues to lead the growth of the whole industry. The industrial added value of this industry increased by about 13% year-on-year from January to may, 2.5 percentage points higher than the average level of the whole machinery industry. The reason why Germany was able to obtain the leadership of Europe, especially after the European debt crisis, it seized the power to punish other countries' national sovereignty and completed the cause that Hitler did not do all the work, which also resulted from Germany's strong industrial strength. With China's industrial transformation and upgrading, more and more high-tech products will be made. Price of cabbage, China; The developed world's shredder will be the real thing, and America's high-end manufacturing industry will be less productive. But if there is no strong industry to support, although can rely on the sale of natural resources, may be temporary, but is not a lifetime. China has made great efforts in this respect, and all regions are making Suggestions for the healthy development of the machinery industry.

For full implementation of the state council general office on increasing benefits machinery industry structural adjustment to promote transformation of guidance, and the central economic work conference spirit, cracking kinetic energy shortage of mechanical industry development, promote industrial machinery second startup and towards the high-end level, in nanning in guangxi autonomous region government held a press conference of second venture of mechanical industry in guangxi. At present, construction machinery enterprises also face many challenges. Big data enterprises are still in the era of industrial 2.0 and 3.0. The second is that smart products need smart sensor applications, whose cost increase and reliability are also a long-term process. It is believed that under the guidance of the national "made in China 2025" strategy and through the in-depth cooperation and continuous exploration between the construction machinery enterprises and the Internet enterprises, the intelligent and mobile Internet application of construction machinery will be done well and will move towards the intelligent application of Chinese characteristics.

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